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    Baldur's Gate Remake for iPad will support Co-Op
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    Baldur's Gate Remake for iPad will support Co-Op

    While the rumors of a new Baldur's Gate turned out to be false, what the site was actually teasing was an HD remake of Baldur's Gate 1 and Baldur's Gate 2 for PC and iPad.   The best news?  The game will cost about $10 (on iOS) and feature co-op multiplayer like the original.

    "Baldurs Gate is a pretty big game and we're not cutting it down to size," Beamdog COO Cameron Tofer told Kotaku. "There's a boatload of content there, 80 hours. But past ten dollars doesn't make sense."  

    The original Baldur's Gate was released in 1998 on the PC.   Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn was released in 2000 with 6 player co-op.  Each player took control of a party member and enjoyed some classic D&D goodness.


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