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Razer Switchblade Concept Offers Portable PC Gaming, Magic Keyboard
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Razer Switchblade Concept Offers Portable PC Gaming, Magic Keyboard

CES is on in Vegas and a plethora of new toys are on display.  One fascinating piece of tech in the new Razer Switchblade, which promises to make PC gaming portable.  They're not building a better mousetrap, they are revolutionizing the keyboard/mouse combo.  The pitch:

The new Intel® Atom™ powered concept model, codenamed “Razer Switchblade”, brings an evocative level of design to gaming by replacing the traditional mouse and keyboard interface with an ultra-sensitive multi-touch screen, dynamic tactile keyboard, and an intelligent user interface that adjusts the configuration and key layout on-the-fly based on game content and user requirements.

What does all that mean?  It means that Razer has enslaved tiny wizards, and have imprisoned them in their new gaming device.  Don't believe me?  Check out the following video.  The vid opens with an introduction by Razer CEO Min-Ling Tan, who sounds like he's trying to talk you into taking the Red Pill.  Then, at 41 seconds WHAM!  Frickin' magic. Engadget got a hold of one at CES and they have a detailed preview.  This is a *wink* concept.  The folks over at Engadget seem to think Razer has put an awful lot of time and money into the Switchblade for it to be just a fancy tech demo.  There is no release date or MSRP, yet.

Source: Engadget.com