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I like how they decide to only show the back of the amazon's head...

Atlus Extoling the Virtues of Couch Co-Op in Dragon's Crown Pro Video

Dragon's Crown Pro dropped onto the PlayStation 4 this week, and if you're wondering if it's any good, then I recommend checking out our Co-Op Review of the original when it hit the PS3 oh so many years ago. The only real difference between the two versions is the updated/improved graphics, which look even better now. If you're still wondering whether the game is any good, then let me tell you a tale of two young lovers...

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First-print copies will also come with a digital game book

Release Date of Dragon's Crown Pro Delayed Two Weeks

Back in September, Atlus announced that Dragon's Crown (the beat-em-up-meets-RPG originally released four years ago) would be coming to PS4 as Dragon's Crown Pro. The Japanese release date was originally announced for January 25th, but has now been delayed two weeks to February 8th. There's still no word regarding the int...

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