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Impressions and thoughts from the first two technical tests

MMO Co-Opportunities Volume LXXI: Guardians of Ember Preview

This month for MMO Co-Opportunities, we’ll be previewing Guardians of Ember, an MMO from Runewaker now in beta. Since the game isn’t released yet (and the content in the beta is very limited), we’ll be looking at the potential MMO co-opportunities I’ve found in my time with the game. Guardians of Ember (henceforth GoE...

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Special deal for our faithful Co-Optimus readers

New MMO Action RPG Guardians of Ember Coming to Early Access

Developer Runewaker has their sights set on their next MMORPG title: Guadians of Ember. This time around, the title will fall into the "hack 'n slash" territory (as opposed to the more straightforward RPG mechanics of their previous games) and allow a group of players to take on missions together, explore the world, and participate in public events.

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