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Microsoft Gets Behind the Indie Games Channel with Spotlight Promotion

At the end of last year, a group of independant developers for the Xbox Live Indie Channel banned together to help promote some quality titles including a few co-op ones like Hypership Out of Control and Alpha Squad.  We had pointed the promo out in an effort to help with exposure.  There's been a lot of back and forth with the XBLIG channel devs and Microsoft, many wondering just how supportive the company really is of these titles.  For some, they simply felt ignored.

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  • xbox 360

Xbox Live Indie Developers Co-Op Together for Winter Sale

Not only are a bunch of Xbox Live Indie Developers cooperating for a huge Winter Sales on their games, they are also offering plenty of titles that feature co-op play.  The Indie Games Winter Uprising is a joint effort of 14 developers and the community to point out high quality titles on the Xbox Live Indie Games service - believe it or not - they aren't all massage apps.

by Marc Allie 0
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4 Player Co-Op Retro Shmup Hypership Out of Control Hits Xbox Indie

Xbox Live's Indie Games are generally a mixed bunch; there are some truly awesome games available (like Shoot 1UP and Sol Survivor) but unfortunately all manner of inane cash grabs as well.  We just received word of a title that looks to be in the former group.  Hypership Out of Control is a retro-styled shooter, and would have fit right in with other arcade games from the early 1980s.  Unlike those Golden Age classics, though, Hypership allows four players to play at the same time.  The best part is that the game cost only 80 MS points, which is exactly what it would have cost 4 players to play a game once in an arcade back in 1982.  A trial version is available for the especially frugal.  We've got a small gallery of screenshots for you, plus the trailer, which includes plenty of satirical humor along with the awesome vintage game music.

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