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The future is less annoying than loading times.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to offer Playing Games While Installing or Downloading

As we inch ever closer to the Fall release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we're beginning to learn more and more about the features of each respective system. While both systems will have their own unique take on features, there are some features that will be nearly identical on the two next generation consoles.

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Installing to Your Xbox 360 Will Cost You 22 GB

New RAGE Monster Revealed: Giant Install Requirement

Did you use the Xbox 360 HDD install option for Halo: Reach? If so, then you probably noticed significantly faster load times in exchange for 7 GB of memory. It seems now that the race is on for the most outrageous install memory requirements - L.A. Noire needed just over 18 GB, and RAGE is set to surpass that (as any self-righteous post-apocalyptic thriller should)...

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Install Halo Reach for Faster Loads, More Maim-Time

Want to spend more time shooting Grunts, and less time loading your games? According to Joystiq, installing Halo Reach to your Xbox 360 hard drive will cut your loading times by up to 60% in all of the games modes. If you’re one that loves Halo Reach, but also values the time you spend gaming, you’ll definitely want to consider using a bit of that hard drive space to install your game.

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