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PC and Mac Users can Play in Awesome Harmony

Awesomenauts Arrives on Mac

One of the more pleasant co-op surprises in this past year in gaming was the MOBA-style Awesomenauts that was initially released on PSN and XBLA. Up to three players could team up to to do some good ole fashioned comp stomping against three AI opponents in order to go laning, feed foes, and other terms that I have no idea about. However, others seem to know what's up and must be playing quite a bit. Since its release back in May, the game's seen a PC release, a slew of patches, tweaks, and updates, and even a new character or two or five. For all you fans of MOBA games that are also fervent Mac users, your day has arrived. Awesomenauts is now available on Mac through the Steam client. Finally, PC players and Mac players can team up in wonderful co-op harmony.

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