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This compilation features 3 co-op shoot 'em ups, and they're all quite good.

Taito Milestones 2 Co-op Review: 10 Fresh Taito Classics on Switch

The first Taito Milestones collection bundled 10 classic Taito arcade games in a low-frills package. One year later, Taito and ININ Games have returned with Taito Milestones 2. This installment once again bundles 10 Taito classics into one compilation, but the games lineup is slightly more modern and exciting this time around. We’re talking a...

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12 co-op arcade games announced so far and more to come

Taito Egret II Mini Arcade to Feature 'Bubble Bobble' and More Co-Op Classics

In December 2021, Sega and a company called Zuiki released the Astro City Mini, a miniature arcade cabinet featuring 37 classic Sega arcade games. Now to be outdone, Taito recently announced its own mini arcade cabinet: the Egret II Mini. Scheduled for release in March 2022, the Egret II Mini will include 40 classic arcade games, 10 of which feature 2-player local co-op. Even better, the optional Paddle & Trackball Game Expansion Set adds 10 more games and a very special controller. That’s a lot of classic co-op goodness!

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18 years of car combat compacted into four games

Twisted Metal Birthday Bundle Now Available On PSN

The "Twisted Metal Birthday Bundle" is now available though the PSN. Celebrate the one year anniversary of the Twisted Metal reboot with four stellar vehicular combat games for the low, low price of $39.99. The downloadable anthology includes the original Twisted Metal, Twisted Metal 2, Twisted Metal: Black, and the aforementioned reboot from last year. TM2, TM: Black, and TM (2012) each support two player local co-op.

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Like ice cream melting on warm concrete

Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal: Black to Hit PSN Today

Everyone's favorite car racers with a sordid past will return to the PSN with today's update. The original Twisted Metal will be arriving on the PSN as a part of the PSOne classics, meaning you can grab it on the PS3 or the PSP (and consequently the Vita). Released on November 5, 1995, Twisted Metal was a unique and one of a kind experience. It took the chassis of a racing game, added the items that popularized the Mario Kart series, and minced it with a ruthless cast of characters themed for a mature audience. Rife with a motley assortment of deadly characters, each racer had a uniquely disturbing back story and vehicle. To this day, Sweet Tooth remains one of Sony's most iconic villains.

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