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by Katrina Pawlowski 7
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Might And Magic: Clash Of Terminology

If there's anything we love here at Co-optimus, it's playing together. While you'll still be able to do that in the upcoming PSN/XBLA game Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes it's not quite as co-op as we originally anticipated. Originally the puzzle RPG was thought to be a 2 player versus AI mode, but after a bit of digging on Might and Magic we discovered that the "co-op mode" is actually 2vs2 online and local multiplayer.

by Tally Callahan 2
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Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes Coming to PSN and XBLA with Co-Op!

Capybara Games has recently announced they're planning to port their originally Nintendo DS exclusive SRPG Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes to PSN and XBLA. Capybara are also the folks behind the popular Critter Crunch. M&M: Clash of Heroes was released back in December 2009 and was well-received by critics. I raved about this game to my friends and tried to convince everyone I knew with a DS to purchase it. Starting Summer 2010 I can now spread my fanaticism to people with xbox 360s and PS3s as well. What's the even better news? The PSN and XBLA version will have up to 4-player Co-Op as well as a completely new art style!

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