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Dibs on hunting horn.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Returns to iOS, Online Co-Op in Tow

The 2014 release of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS did the nigh impossible when it adapted precision-based gameplay for greasy touch screens. It wasn't perfect, but hey, it was fantastic. The release of iOS 9 about a year later made Freedom Unite unplayable, so Capcom pulled it from the store. Sad face. It took some time, but the game has finally returned, just in time to compete with Monster Hunter Generations!

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Uh oh.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS Releasing in North America

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is releasing on iOS in North America. When you first hear the news you're probably like "What? Seriously?". When you watch the video showing some of the touch controls you'll just sort of nod to yourself, quietly thinking that it makes sense, but virtual controls for Monster Hunter? What? Seriously? The shock soon wears off and you're left with a curious, somewhat pleasant sensation akin to eating just the right amount of blueberry pie.

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PSP Games Go HD To The PS3

It's looking like HD is going the way of handheld gaming, only not exactly. Sony is launching a campaign for popular PSP games to be remastered in HD on the PS3. The first game to be remastered from PSP to PS3 is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd- in Japan. We're not sure what games will be released from PSP to PS3 in North America or Europe, but we can think of a few great co-op games that would look really great all dressed up in HD.

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