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Play Neo Geo games in style with this authentic and improved controller!

NEOGEO Wireless Controller for PC, Mobile, and Neo Geo Mini Coming From 8Bitdo

When the Neo Geo Mini arrived in 2018, it kicked off a wave of miniature arcade cabinets that continues to this day. Although the unit featured a fairly good built-in arcade stick and buttons, the optional controllers were widely criticized for their lack of microswitches and inauthentic button layout. Five years later, 8Bitdo will finally offer a much better control option with its upcoming 8Bitdo NEOGEO Wireless Controller. The new controller will work with the NeoGeo Mini, PC, and mobile.

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Hook it up to your TV to enjoy local co-op action

Enjoy Classic Neo Geo Titles with the Neo Geo Mini

Fans of SNK and Neo Geo will have two ways to enjoy some classic co-op titles this year. In November, SNK and Digital Eclipse (Mega Man Legacy Collections and The Disney Afternoon Collection) are teaming up to put out the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection this November on the Nintendo Switch. This will include a selection of classic 40 SNK games that were released in the arcade and/or home consoles. In addition to that, SNK just recently announced they'll also be releasing a Neo Geo Mini, which will also include 40 games.

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