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by Nick Puleo 9
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Get a glimpse at the new graphical engine and get a tour of the classic mode.

Four Minutes of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary from SDCC 2011

343 Industries have released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, which hits the Xbox 360 this November for the game's 10 year anniversary.  The game is a graphical upgrade to the original and 343 is emphasizing that the original gameplay remains in tact.  The video walks us through some of the sights and sounds of The Silent Cartographer level in the game.

by Nick Puleo 7
  • xbox 360
Fights over who gets the C3-PO controller can begin now. These are the droids you are looking for.

Star Wars Kinect Bundle Announced

Are these the droids you are looking for?  Microsoft has announced another special edition bundle for the Xbox 360 console.  The 320GB console is painted to look like R2-D2 while the gold plated controller will remind you of C3-PO.  It also comes with a white colored Kinect sensor and of course a copy of the two player co-op Kinect Star Wars game.

by Nick Puleo 8
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A brand new 4 minute trailer is out now for Gears of War 3 straight from the San Diego Comic Con convention.

Gears of War 3's "Crecendo" Trailer Sets the Stage

A brand new 4 minute trailer is out now for Gears of War 3 straight from San Diego Comic Con. Revealed at a panel tonight for the game, the trailer is called Crecendo, and it features many of the development team talking about the personal story that will unfold in Gears 3 - a game that will focus more on the characters themselves than the war around them.

by Andrew Gaskill 0
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Rayman gets a backstory.

Rayman Origins Video Boasts E3 Awards

Rayman is back!  Well, not yet, but soon!  Definitely, tentatively, this year... He'll return in Rayman Origins, which was originally planned as an episodic downloadable title.  Ubisoft decided that there was just too much Rayman to go around, and now the game will be a full retail release.  This time Rayman will have three friends along for the ride.  He's actually kicking one of them in the face in the above screenshot.  Rayman and Globox have a complicated relationship.  This latest trailer shows off some of the bright, beautiful graphics, gorgeous (and delicious) stages, as well as synchronized swimming!  We all know everyone loves water levels, right?

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