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Star Wars Kinect Bundle Announced
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Star Wars Kinect Bundle Announced

Fights over who gets the C3-PO controller can begin now. These are the droids you are looking for.

Are these the droids you are looking for?  Microsoft has announced another special edition bundle for the Xbox 360 console.  The 320GB console is painted to look like R2-D2 while the gold plated controller will remind you of C3-PO.  It also comes with a white colored Kinect sensor and of course a copy of the two player co-op Kinect Star Wars game.

The price?  $449.99.

While there's not much in the way of cost savings - you still can't get a 320GB console separately and the 250GB one costs $299, it is a pretty unique package for the Star Wars collector.  Of won't play those fancy new Star Wars Blu-Ray discs when they are released this fall as well.

You can pre-order the limited edition system now at Amazon.

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