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A co-op baker\'s dozen in one package

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Co-Op Review

After launching first on Switch and then PlayStation 4, SNK 40th Anniversary Collection has finally arrived on Xbox One as well. Collecting more than 25 arcade and NES classics in one slick package, half of which support local co-op, this collection from Digital Eclipse might just be the retro compilation to beat this generation....

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For all those on-the-go arcade gamers.

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Will Hit The Switch In November

Remember arcades?  Those ancient purveyors of sensory overload may be few and far between these days, but that doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to the game cabinets lining their walls.  In fact, once November 13th rolls around, Nintendo Switch owners will have access to a whole slew of SNK's finest arcade titles in the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection.

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Hook it up to your TV to enjoy local co-op action

Enjoy Classic Neo Geo Titles with the Neo Geo Mini

Fans of SNK and Neo Geo will have two ways to enjoy some classic co-op titles this year. In November, SNK and Digital Eclipse (Mega Man Legacy Collections and The Disney Afternoon Collection) are teaming up to put out the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection this November on the Nintendo Switch. This will include a selection of classic 40 SNK games that were released in the arcade and/or home consoles. In addition to that, SNK just recently announced they'll also be releasing a Neo Geo Mini, which will also include 40 games.

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