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Enhanced features depending on model

Upgraded PlayStation 4 Could Support More Local Players

The next iteration of the PlayStation 4, which was speculated about after GDC, is all but confirmed at this point. Giant Bomb received information from a variety of sources earlier this week that the new console, currently codenamed "NEO," will not only offer some hardware upgrades to allow games access to higher graphical fidelity, but that it could also change the way local co-op works.

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I think we all want a Thunderlord now

E3 2013 - Epic Destiny Trailer Features Cooperative Gameplay

By now, the hype train surrounding Bungie's next  IP Destiny is in full effect. News has been trickling in over the last few months since the epic project has been released, but we were treated to the biggest reveal at E3. During the Playstation Conference on the first day of E3 this year, a rather long segment was revealed for Destiny using the Playstation 4. Our own Jason Love covered the trailer in-depth yesterday. The trailer was nothing short of amazing for the cooperative crowd - featuring an over twelve minutes of action-packed gameplay.

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