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Wilderness, Co-Op and Wolverines!

Far Cry 5 Developers Highlight Co-Op Campaign

In a recent video update, Ubisoft has once again showed us pieces from the upcoming Far Cry 5 that made us wish the game was already in our hands. Previous Far Cry videos highlighted the wilderness exploration, player creativity, dynamic NPC development, and robust ways of learning and evolving. The newest video from Ubisoft shows the Far Cry gameplay we love but reassures us that we’re getting something new - a campaign that is completely Co-Op!

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Hug your face off with these Specs

In Space, No One Can Hear the PC Specs for Aliens: Colonial Marines

A giant metallic machine more powerful than any human looms into view.  Not the Power Loader from the end of the Aliens, but the PC required to run Aliens: Colonial Marines.  To be fair, the specs are not particularly high and any serious PC gamer should be able to install and play this exciting looking 4 player co-op title out Feb 12th.  Check out after read more for the spectacular specs.

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Speculation on Nintendo's New Console "Project Cafe"

It's time once again for the E3 rumor mill to start churning up some great stuff before the show. This year the big buzz is around the new Nintendo console (code named "Project Cafe" for now, but also referred to as WiiHD and Wii2), as some preliminary specs (or rumors of specs) have begun to surface. The new system itself has been confirmed by Nintendo, shooting for a 2012 launch, but the rest is all bits and pieces found from various sources. Here's what we're hearing so far.

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