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'Splosion Man Creator Bought by Microsoft Games

Twisted Pixel Embraces Microsoft Acquisition

Game studio acquisitions aren't always good news for gamers, especially when the studio in question is has enough momentum to stay afloat on its own. New parent companies can get in the way of quality product development. It's a fair reason for gamers to be gun-shy about acquisition news. Thankfully, Twisted Pixel has never led us to believe they would rather sell out than make great games.

by Katrina Pawlowski 0

Twisted Pixel's April Fools' Wants You To Have Wood

Being careful while reading a press release has never been easier than when Twisted Pixel announced a partnership with Home Depot to deliver a Gunstringer Marionette Controller. The project was originally codenamed "Project 144in. x 1-1/4in. Pine Round Dowel," and at first I was like "...What the?" And then I remembered what day it is.

by Nick Puleo 17
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Splosion Man Patch Coming Soon, Twisted Pixel Reveals Comic Jumper

As we noted in our review of Splosion Man for the Xbox Live Arcade, there was some issues with lag while playing online.  It seemed over time the game got de-sync'd and eventually would render it almost unplayable.   Good news as Twisted Pixel's Josh Bear confirmed to me today at PAX 2009 that a patch for the game is in certification and that it should fix these issues that have been plaguing it.

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