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Meet the Characters of Warlords

Back in March, we told you guys that a new remake of the Atari classic Warlords would be hitting the digital shelves this summer. Unlike the other iterations of the game, this version will have co-op modes in addition to the old school competitive ones. A character trailer was just released introducing the four warlords in the game: Restivo, Goelus, Kroi and Tarorthane, each of which focuses on a particular element. The trailer also serves to demonstrate the unique art direction of the game.

by Marc Allie 1
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Classic Warlords "Reinvented" This Summer... With Co-Op

If you were of gaming age in the early 1980s, you probably had an Atari 2600, or knew someone who did.  And, chances are, you played one of the best titles for that system: Warlords.  Though originally an arcade game, the port was far more well-known and successful, and is generally regarded as one of the best games for Atari's vintage console.  Throughout the years, several remakes have been made, including an XBLA version a few years ago.  But through the years, Warlords has always been a competitive experience.

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