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LEGO Star Wars III Code Included with HDD

It's No Astromech, But It Does Come With Software

There's a new 320-gigabyte hard disk drive right around the corner for Xbox 360 Slim owners who'd like to upgrade their download capability. The same drive that was included in the recently-released Gears of War 3 edition console and will be included with the Star Wars-themed R2-D2 console available this December, it will be on shelves as a standalone addition to your current Xbox 360 Slim (only) for $129.99 US.

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Xbox 360 S 250GB Review

Microsoft surprised a lot of gamers with the announcement of a redesigned console at E3 2010. Their promise was a feature packed console at the same price that was quieter and more reliable than their hardware of the past. We took the system for a 2 week spin and give you our findings.

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Kinect Priced, Bundles Revealed, New Console Announced

Ending weeks of correct speculation, Microsoft has announced that their upcoming motion "controller," Kinect, will be priced at $149.99.  This price was previously rumored on just about every retail site but the official comment from Microsoft was that the price wasn't decided on yet - making this announcement not that big of a surprise to anyone but Microsoft.  That being said we do have quite a bit of new information regarding the Kinect, including a free pack in game and new console hardware bundles to go along with it.

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Co-Optimus Presents our 1000 Co-Op Games Contest

We're pretty proud of the face we just reached a major milestone for the website - over 1000 co-op games in our database! To celebrate we're having a monster giveaway with almost a dozen prizes including a new Xbox 360 Slim console, Copies of Crackdown 2, T-Shirts and more!

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E3 2010: Microsoft Reveals the Sleek New Xbox 360

E3 is in full swing, and Microsoft's presentation just wrapped up.  Most of the focus was on Project Natal, now known as Kinect.  But at the end of the presentation, a longstanding rumor was officially confirmed: a new Xbox 360 is here.  Shipping to stores today, the new Xbox 360 is sleek, shiny, and dare we say sexy.  Abandoning the matte-finish curves of the first model, the new version is angular and glossy black. 

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E3 2010: Natal becomes Kinect

At the "Project Natal" event at E3, Microsoft dropped a few bombs on us that we're happy to receive. The first comes in the form of the Natal being renamed the Kinect, complete with a few launch title reveals: Dance Central, Joyride, Kinectimals, Kinect Adventures, and Kinect sports. Each of these games will utilize some unique aspect of the Kinect motion system, including dancing, driving, sports and other such activities. Things are looking good so far, we'll have more details about the co-op ability of the Kinect soon.

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