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It's not co-op, but it's still awesome!

XCOM 2 Giveaway

I know what you're thinking. Why is a website dedicated to co-op gaming giving away XCOM 2, which doesn't feature co-op? Well, we have a code, you want it, we like you, so we're giving it to you. How's that for an answer? We were pretty happy with XCOM: Enemy Unknown so we have reason to believe that XCOM 2 will be stellar as well. While there's no co-op built-in to the game, you can always play-and-pass the game with your favorite couch co-op partner. Or you could let your partner play, then use your mind control skills on them to take over during the good parts.

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Dishonored, XCOM, DOA5, Fallen Enchantress, and more!

Beyond Co-Op Reviews - November 2012

Welcome to another edition of our Beyond Co-Op reviews - a somewhat monthly feature where the staff writes reviews of games that aren't necessarily co-op, but we know you might be interested in them anyway.  With the epic Fall season in full swing there's plenty of reviews to check out from all platforms - titles like XCOM, Dishonored, and Mark of the Ninja are just a few.

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E3 2010 - XCOM Hands off Preview

Whenever you take the name of a popular franchise and then shape it to be that of your own, the controversy surrounding it usually speaks louder than the game itself.  It's a shame really because this is the field that XCOM has sowed as it's a first person shooter based on a classic PC turn based strategy franchise.  

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