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Up to 3 players can blast yokai or play a bounty of minigames together.

Spooky Spirit Shooting Gallery Co-op Review

Japan has a proud tradition of local festivals that feature parade-like processions, live performances, and food and activity booths. Of course, Japan also had a rich folklore involving a wide variety of bizarre monsters and spirits called yokai. Spooky Spirit Shooting Gallery from Enheart and Aksys Games is a light gun-style rail shooter that comb...

by Paul Acevedo 0
  • nintendo switch
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Get ready to blast Japanese ghosts and ghouls with friends in 2023!

Aksys Announces 'Spooky Spirit Shooting Gallery,' a Yokai-Themed Shooter for Switch

Aksys Games recently conducted an event called "All Aksys" on Twitch.  During the event, the publisher announced several new Nintendo Switch games. Of those titles, Spooky Spirit Shooting Gallery will support 3-player local co-op! A port of a Japanese light gun arcade game, Spooky Spirit Shooting Gallery lets players team up to blast all manner of Japanese yokai (spirits and monsters). It's due for an English release in 2023.

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Don't throw out your 3DS just yet!

Gather Your Yo-Kai And Battle Bosses With Friends in YO-KAI WATCH BLASTERS

While the Switch may be the main platform of choice for Nintendo these days, they haven't forgotten about their other portable system, the 3DS. On September 7, the action-RPG variant of their popular Yo-Kai Watch series, called YO-KAI WATCH BLASTERS, will be making its way to our shores and you'll be able to team up with three friends to take down bosses with your collection of spirits.

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