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New Video Shows Lara Croft and the GOL to Get Kane, Lynch, Kain, and Raziel as Playable Characters

Some new characters are coming to Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.  Confirmed by the Crystal Dynamics Twitter feed, criminal bad boys Kane and Lynch will be available as playable characters through upcoming DLC. 

If that wasn't enough for you, Legacy of Kain stars Kain and Raziel, of Blood Omen and Soul Reaver fame, will also be available in a separate DLC.  At least one of these character packs should be out before the end of the year.  Crystal Dynamics is asking fans to Tweet their votes for which dynamic duo gets to be released first.  Enough Lara Croft.  What the world needs now in another Soul Reaver game.  Right now it looks a simple skin change, so get ready to hear Lara's voice coming out of Raziel's face hole.

The video came from YouTube user Mr. Nightmare TM.

Who gets your vote?  Kain and Raziel, or the other guys? 


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