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Split-screen co-op included

Red Barton And the Sky Pirates Bring Star Fox Like Action to WWI

The style of game that Nintendo's Star Fox or Sega's After Burner has all but been lost. Thankfully some indie developers have been picking up the slack where the AAA devs have left a whole. Red Barton and the Sky Pirates looks like a stylish, kid friendly flight game where you're in control of a bi-place shooting down enemies from the sky set in WWI in the realm of the aforementioned Sega and Nintendo classics.

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Bro - High Five.

Double Dragon IV Co-Op Review

After a four year absence, the classic beat ‘em up series Double Dragon returns with a brand-new entry on PlayStation 4 and Steam: Double Dragon IV. Featuring 8-bit style graphics and 2-player local co-op, this entry aims for the nostalgic crowd. But will gamers who missed out on the NES games get their money’s worth from this budget se...

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The vertical scrolling aRPG is set to make its console debut

Vertical Drop Heroes HD Comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

If there's one thing I love to see, it's PC indie game getting the chance to find a whole new audience on consoles. Next week (and just in time for Valentine's Day, all you co-op lovers out there) Nerdook's Vertical Drop Heroes HD will make its way onto the PlayStation 4 (and Vita), and onto the Xbox One a few days later.

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