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Closed beta on May 11th with Steam Early Access Release on May 18th

Hacktag Closed Beta and Steam Early Access Dates Announced

Piece of Cake Studios has announced that Hacktag, their asymmetrical, 2-player co-op stealth puzzle game, will be hitting Steam Early Access on May 18th. To kick things off, a closed beta is scheduled for May 11th to give curious players a chance to experience the game for themselves. Registration for the beta is currently open (you can sign up on their website).

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Co-Op is Console Exclusive

Star Wars Battlefront II Announced, Dated

Electronic Arts has announced Star Wars Battlefront II for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. The game will span all three "trilogies" of Star Wars titles allowing fans to experience all of the classic battles alongside some new ones. Listening to fan feedback the game has a full featured single player campaign that bridges the story of Return of the Jedi to The Force Awakens, dropping you in the boots of an Imperial elite special forces unit.

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Return of the Bros.

Army Of Two Is Now Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

Sure, the Xbox One has a bunch of cool stuff going for it, but what does it really offer in terms of high-fives and bro banter?  Recent surveys have indicated that users on Microsoft's flagship console feel as though they can't really engage in a true "bro-down throwdown" under the current climate.  What should a company do when presented with such a precarious situation?

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Yeah, that headline confuses me, too

New Genesis/Master Drive Brawler, Paprium, Coming This Fall

Next-gen consoles? Bah! "PC Master Race?" Get out of town! VR?! Don't make me laugh! Everyone knows the hot thing in 2017 is the Sega Genesis/Master Drive system. And everyone who's anyone knows that THE hottest game to get is Paprium. It'll make you question everything you know about games, love, and that poster on your wall that gives you funny feelings.

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