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Dibs on that dead body!

Trials of Azra Co-Op Review

So, your dog's dead. That's a real bummer, right? It was an ordinary afternoon when blam-o, lightning strikes and sends the little pupper to another world. Things start looking a little bleak until you realize you can possess and control your four legged friend. Surely that'll be useful in a world-spanning adventure where you fight swor...

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The dark knight rider?

LEGO Batman Movie and Knight Rider Coming to LEGO Dimensions in 2017

The next cycle of Level, Team, Story, and Fun packs for LEGO Dimensions will start rolling out next Tuesday with a couple Team and Level packs, as well as the new Ghostbusters movie Story Pack. A Story Pack based on "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" will arrive in November (as well as a few more Team/Level/Fun Packs), and Warner Bros Interactive announced Monday that more is on the way in February 2017.

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