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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Confirmed for PC, Announcement Trailer and Co-Op Matchmaking

One of Namco Bandai's worst-kept secrets has been confirmed. The Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition is coming to PC. And it's bringing a lot more than just a few bosses. It has cooperative matchmaking, people! COOPERATIVE MATCHMAKING!!!

The PC release will feature a new chapter in the Dark Souls story. Players will face the Dark Knight Artorias as they attempt to stop the darkness spreading through Lordran.

Here's a list of what you can expect from the PC edition:

New Bosses - Including Artorias of Abyss, Chimera of Tomb, and more

PVP Online Matchmaking System - Quick matching for co-op or PVP

New Areas – Including Oolacile Tomb, Old Ruins and more

New Enemies – Including Abyss Guard, Chained Prisoner and more

New NPCs – Including Hawkeye Gough and more

New Weapons and Armor – Equip some from the new bosses, enemies, and NPCs

Yes, that's all well and good. Now check out the awesome trailer. 

Dark Souls supports three player online co-op. It is available now on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The Dark Souls: Prepare to Die PC edition will launch on August 24th. No word on if the new content will make it to consoles. Maybe we should start a petition?

Source: Preparetodie.com

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