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When he finally managed to get a go on his older brother’s brand new ZX Spectrum, unbeknownst to Sam he was embarking on a lifetime love of games and being British. When Sir Clive Sinclair stopped making computers Sam had to admit that he needed to buy some consoles made further afield and he has not looked back since; owning every single console since the Super Nintendo.

As one of four, he learned fast to share a multi-tap and play games such as ‘Bomberman’ and ‘Snowboard Kids’. Now as a Librarian he believes in world peace and harmony, shunning the world of competitive gaming in favour of co-op. You can find him online in a variety of places from shooting terrorists in ‘Rainbow 6 Vegas’ to tending his garden in ‘Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise’.

As a Librarian, Sam is also an avid reader and would encourage you all to try a book once in a while (and keep him in a job).

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Classic may be taking it a bit far

Four Classic XBLA Co-Op Titles get the Backwards Compatibility Treatment

The drip feed approach to releasing backward compatible games on the Xbox One is like a new form of water torture, but at least it offers a nice surprise as a game you forgot you own pops up on the console.  For co-op fans, four out of the five games released this week are just for you; namely The Cave, Double Dragon Neon, Altered Beast and Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime.

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The end cometh to us all

As of March 1st, Darkspore is no More

It seems strange to think that you can pick up a copy of a 400 year old book and still read it, or buy a DVD of a 1940s film and still watch it, but try playing an online game from 2011.  Increasingly elements of games that require servers are no longer easy to play and you can now add Darkspore to that list as the servers are being pulled on March 1st 2016.

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