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by Katrina Pawlowski 8

The Co-Op Revolution, 2009

To round out a great co-op year, Game Informer took polls asking community members how they feel about specific co-op aspects in games, and asked a few key co-op developers how the co-op process works for them. Out of these community polls, statistics arose that made very proud of the gaming community at large. For instance, 51.9% of all gamers surveyed responded that they'd rather play social games than single player. Of those social gamers, 64.5% of them prefer friendly co-op to competitive multiplayer.

by Mike Katsufrakis 7
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Overlord II Co-Op Review

Who hasn’t dreamed of commanding a horde of minions, blazing a path of destruction through their enemies while cosplaying as Sauron and brandishing an outlandishly oversized weapon? …What?  Why am I the only one who has that dream?  Well, I suppose if you’re a deviant like me, then Overlord 2 may just be your perfect game.

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