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Not that you ever really did, anyway.

Learn To Trust Your Friends Even Less In Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil

Friendship is difficult.  Even the kindest of folks happen upon events or realizations that alter the way they look at each other, and that's to say nothing of those who are hell-bent on conquering the physical plane.  Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, acknowledges that time spent with co-op partners can occasionally lead to frustration, which is why they're including ways to... alleviate that.

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The Co-Op Revolution, 2009

To round out a great co-op year, Game Informer took polls asking community members how they feel about specific co-op aspects in games, and asked a few key co-op developers how the co-op process works for them. Out of these community polls, statistics arose that made very proud of the gaming community at large. For instance, 51.9% of all gamers surveyed responded that they'd rather play social games than single player. Of those social gamers, 64.5% of them prefer friendly co-op to competitive multiplayer.

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Overlord II Co-Op Review

Who hasn’t dreamed of commanding a horde of minions, blazing a path of destruction through their enemies while cosplaying as Sauron and brandishing an outlandishly oversized weapon? …What?  Why am I the only one who has that dream?  Well, I suppose if you’re a deviant like me, then Overlord 2 may just be your perfect game.

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