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Beyond Co-Op - May 5th through May 11th, 2013
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Beyond Co-Op - May 5th through May 11th, 2013

Busy week as the industry gears up for E3 2013

It was a crazy week in the gaming industry this week, with announcements, politics, excitement, and of course games. As we're gearing up for E3 in just under a month lots of publishers are unveiling some new titles and others are dropping the curtain on just what has been going on. But there was one major announcement this week that caught everyone off guard - and that had to do with EA.

- EA Acquires Exlusive Rights to Star Wars Games
- Shadow Warrior Sequel Looks to Be Incoming
- Ouya Delayed a Month
- Shadows of the Eternal Announced, Spiritual Successor to Eternal Darkness
- Wolfenstein: New Order Announced


EA Acquires Exlusive Rights to Star Wars Games

The big one this week is EA acquiring the exclusive rights for future Star Wars games. Recently Disney closed Lucas Arts, the development studio that has brought us some of the biggest names in games based on the Star Wars franchise. With EA picking up the rights to create the games for Disney, we could see the end of LEGO Star Wars, but it could also mean some bigger budget Star Wars titles as well as crossovers.

Source: Colony of Gamers


Shadow Warrior Sequel Looks to Be Incoming

While Duke Nukem was the more popular franchise back in the day for having a mouthy lead character in an FPS, there was another game called Shadow Warrior which featured plenty of double meanings around the word Wang - the main character's name. Now it seems the franchise is back with a Greenlight game called Blade Analyzer Pro that looks to be nothing more than a ruse to announce the new title being published by Devolver Digital. We're still waiting on detail on this, but I can already see the gaming press licking their chops at how politically incorrect the game can - and probably will - be.


Wolfenstein: New Order Announced

A new Wolfenstein game has been announced by Bethesda and it's being developed by MachineGames - who are made up mostly of ex-Starbreeze developers. The game is a different take on the classic Wolfenstein story featuring mechanized units set in 1960 - well after the original games took place.


Ouya Delayed a Month

The Ouya, an open source Android based console, should have been released in about a month, but it looks like the team is delaying it slightly to fix some issues and make sure it has enough supply to meet demand. Currently the Ouya team is having problems shipping the consoles to people that supported it during their Kickstarter campaign, which raised over 10 million dollars of funding. Speaking of funding, the company has secured an additional 15 million of funding from VCs - so expect to see the Ouya sticking around for a while - especially at a $99 price point.


Shadows of the Eternal Announced, Spiritual Successor to Eternal Darkness

A new company named Precursor Games is creating what is dubbed a spiritual successor to the wildly popular Gamecube game, Eternal Darkness. According to the "Kickstarter" many of the original ED team are involved, including Dennis Dyack who have recently left Too Human developer Silicon Knights - who developed the original Eternal Darkness.

Source: Polygon