Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Combo Co-Op
Epic Mickey 2 Will Hit Vita Soon
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Epic Mickey 2 Will Hit Vita Soon

Join Mickey and Oswald on the go

Lately you may have been wondering what the heck to do with your Vita. Perhaps you are like me, having played a ton of Soul Sacrifice, and wondering what kind of games are on your radar in the near future. Well, add a cooperative game to the list of up and coming Vita Titles. Disney Interactive is porting over Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two to the Playstation Vita quite soon. In fact, it will be released next month on June 18th.

There will be a few new features made exclusively for the Vita version of Epic Mickey 2. Ad hoc network functionality is being added for the cooperative experience. This means Mickey and Oswald will be teaming up again.  There are also new ways to control the game that are exclusive to the Vita's touchscreen. Paint, thinner, and Oswald's electric beam will all be controllable with the touchscreen, as well as camera control while driving. Other special touchscreen mechanics include giving AI instructions, sleecting and dragging sketches, bursting bubbles, and navigating menus. 

Look forward to Epic Mickey 2 for the Vita on June 18th. It will support two player cooperative play via ad hoc network functionality.

Source: Blog.us.playstation.com