Online Co-Op Will Come to CastleStorm Via Steam Release
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Online Co-Op Will Come to CastleStorm Via Steam Release

Bring an online friend along to defend your keep properly.

The game that provides us with a chance to create our ultimate 2D castle and defend it, I’m happy to report that CastleStorm will be arriving very soon on Steam! This is a grand opportunity to take its Last Stand and Survival modes to our PC co-op partners this July and reign down some ballistic hell on enemies.

Available on July 29th, players will be able to experience the same co-op goodness found on the XBLA version here. This tower defense brawler will feature both local and now online co-op/multiplayer modes with the addition of fully customizable controls for keyboard and mouse, anti-aliasing, and other graphic settings at our disposal. Those of us that pre-order the game now will be able to grab a 10% discount of the game as well, totaling at only $10. Along with its fantastic single-player campaign, this game is quite worth the pre-order price point. But if PC gaming isn’t your thing, it’s still available on XBLA for 800 MS Points.

If any of you have yet to hear about CastleStorm, we have the perfect castle building creator video for anyone to check out below, along with our fantastic review of the game found here. Let’s grab the pre-order discount while we can!