New CastleStorm ‘The Warrior Queen’ DLC Hits Steam Today
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New CastleStorm ‘The Warrior Queen’ DLC Hits Steam Today

Vikings aren’t just made up of men, you know...

Zen Studios is proud to announce that their latest addition to CastleStorm, “The Warrior Queen” DLC is now available via Steam. The XBLA version’s will follow soon after, adding a breath of fresh air to the game since the release of the “From Outcast to Savior” DLC only a couple of months ago.

In this second DLC, players will unlock the female Viking Warrior class to assume on the battlefield, wielding a giant hammer and wooden shield in combat. Along with a sizeable, new arsenal of weapons to outfit your castle and rain harm on your enemies, such as: Meteor Showers, Exploding Barrels, Stormbringers, Golem Hostages, and finally, Frozen Swordfish (yes, they’re weapons), players should have plenty of options work with. Additionally, there will be 20 new battles to take part in and a whole bunch of new achievements to unlock. Check out the reveal trailer for the DLC now:

“The story twists and turns as Freia’s fate is determined and unlikely faces show up in places least expected. Will the realm find peace once again, or will Chief Ramhorn continue his streak of evil domination?”

CastleStorm is currently on sale via Steam until 12:00 PM EST, offering a 40% discount ($6) to the game and a 20% discount ($2.30) on the previous DLC pack (not counting this one). Console gamers will have the chance to purchase the DLC on XBLA tomorrow, but no discounts will be made available. The game is priced at $10, while the DLC’s are only $3 a pop.

CastleStorm is a 2-player local co-op game on console, and features local and online play on PC.