Firefall Enters Open Beta
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Firefall Enters Open Beta

Co-Op and Free to Play

Good news for fans of open-world shooters. Red 5 Studios has announced that there free-to-play open world shooter Firefall has entered stage one of open beta testing. Blending the best parts of skill-based combat and sci-fi action, the developers encourage everyone to try their game and contribute feedback in order to make the game even better. You can follow this link to join the open beta for free.

In celebration of Firefall's open beta launch, the video team behind the game, Stage 5 TV, created a live-action trailer for the game. It offers a firsthand view into the story that shapes Firefall's world and a look at the leader of the Chosen invasion. You can catch the video at the bottom of this article.

Red 5 had the following to say about Firefall:

“We’d like to thank our great community for all of their support through Closed Beta. Having just surpassed 1 million registered users, we’re extremely excited to move into the first stage of Open Beta testing and finally unlock Firefall for everyone,” said James Macauley, Vice President of Development, Red 5 Studios. “Our studio motto is Change Everything, Create Fun, and with our iterative development process based heavily on community feedback we believe that we’ve brought an innovative new gaming experience to the MMO space. We’ll be growing that experience over the months ahead with new features and content delivered frequently into testers’ hands.”

Finally, Red 5 Studios hosted a two day live-streaming event called Firefall Fest 2013 on Twitch TV. It featured e-game celebrities SeaNanners and Day[9]. Also, starter packs are now available for beta players that feature exclusive items, progression boosts, and immediate access to battleframes.