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Guacamelee! 'El Diablo's Domain' DLC Now Available, Featuring New Levels and Costumes
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Guacamelee! 'El Diablo's Domain' DLC Now Available, Featuring New Levels and Costumes


A new flavor of luchador goodness has come to Guacamelee!, in the form of a DLC set in its own version of Mexican hell! “El Diablo’s Domain” gives players extended playtime with one fiendishly difficult level, additional challenge levels, and various costumes to wear.

DrinkBox Studios, developer of Guacamelee!, lauded the difficultly of this level, described as the “El Infierno” of the game. Players shouldn’t take this lightly. As they said themselves, this is where players battle "skeletal enemies in the bureaucratic nightmare of the Devil’s domain, where tortured souls are given never-ending paperwork." Sounds pretty rough to me (I wonder what Locke thinks about this)! Take a quick look at the DLC through a video, courtesy of Gamespot:

Players are given one level (containing 17 additional trial levels) to lay the smackdown on foes and race to the finish line, along with some new character costumes for main characters Juan and Tostada. To unlock these outfits, one must complete rigorous, time-based challenges to collect metals (bronze, silver, and gold) based on your overall performance. These three costumes include:

  • El Portero – A soccer goalie with a keen eye for style and a devastating throw
  • Alebrije – Harness the awesome power of these dream creatures to deal epic destruction, but players beware of the massive damage they will sustain themselves
  • Diablo’s Suit – Drain the life of enemies while looking good enough for an interview on Wall Street

The “El Diablo’s Domain” DLC is currently available as a cross-buy for $2.99 on PSN and Vita and is a 2-player local co-op title. Do check out our review of Guacamelee! here if you missed it!