Skyward Collapse

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  • LAN Co-Op: 8 Players
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Skyward Collapse to Receive First Expansion
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Skyward Collapse to Receive First Expansion

Nihon no Mura expansion adds Japanese faction

Skyward Collapse, the 4x/RTS/god game from Arcen Games, will be receiving its first expansion at the end of the month. As a quick background, the game revolves around you, an omniscient being, overseeing the development of two warring races and keeping those races from completely wiping each other out. It's a different take on the whole "god game" genre and one that I found quite enjoyable, even if the co-op had a few problems. The game's already gone through a number of tweakings and improvements since it's May release, and now it's getting it's first official expansion: Nihon No Mura.

The expansion, which is set to release at the end of August, adds a few interesting new items, top amongst them a 3rd faction, the Japanese. There's already an interesting balance back and forth between the Greeks and Norse, adding another faction to this mix would certainly create a whole realm of possibilities. The full list of features is listed below:

- Unique new Japanese faction with a completely new way of handling their gods.

- Hamlets allow for non-factional building construction that enable several powerful new abilities.

- New "Hamlet Idyll" game mode that lets you play with hamlets without the military side of the game.

- New alternate win condition! Construct the Luminith Tower via resources earned in your hamlets.

- Several new map types, woes, land tile types, and a useful new Military Outpost building for all factions.

- More music!

While there's no set release date for this expansion, it is currently available for pre-order on Arcen Games' site for just $2.99. As with all of Arcen Games' offerings, this is DRM-free, but you will need the base game to play. Fortunately, that only comes to $4.99, so you're looking at a whopping total of $8 for a lot of gameplay and fun.