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Treyarch Details Black Ops 2 1.15 Patch Notes
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Treyarch Details Black Ops 2 1.15 Patch Notes

Keep up the community feedback, gamers!

We have ourselves another patch to fix up both the online multiplayer and Zombies modes in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Primarily, these changes were made due to the new issues found within the most recent DLC map pack, “Apocalypse”. No major additions to the game were made, however, just a whole bunch of minor tweeks and alterations to polish things out.

The full 1.15 patch can now be downloaded on Xbox today, while the PS3 players will only have a select number of fixes to watch out for (found in the “General” section in the patch notes below). Even though the PlayStation 3 and PC owners won’t be able to grab the “Apocalypse” DLC until September 26th, it’s always good to be informed for what’s to come. Apocalypse brought forth a bunch of new multiplayer maps and an all new Zombies stage, “Origins”, set in WW1 France. Read on for the full list of changes from developer, Treyarch:


- Fixed an issue with users equipping Scorestreaks in unintended circumstances.
- Ladders now appear correctly when viewing them from your Profile while in the League menu.

- RC-XD now properly travels over various brick piles.
- Patched-up ground underneath one of the metal plates.

- Bots now behave correctly when capturing flags in Domination.
- Players can no longer leave the playable area by jumping on unintended collision in the water.
- Added Player collision to two bicycles next to one of the buildings.
- Frozen ice in the Northeast section now has proper Player collision.
- Addressed extended collision on a wall next to the Bridge, which was being used as an exploit.
- Fixed an issue where weapons could go through the Bank doors, giving Players unintended views of the map.
- Players can no longer exit the map via the frozen river.
- Lower drawer in the kitchen of one of the houses now has proper collision.
- Players can no longer see into one of the Southwestern buildings along the top of a doorway.
- Addressed Players being able to see outside the map in the Northwest section.
- Addressed invisible Player collision on a panel of one of the Northwestern buildings.
- Patched-up ledges on one of the buildings in the Northwest corner.
- Added proper collision under multiple windows of one of the buildings.
- Appropriate collision has been added to one of the snow mounds on top of a boat.

- Defined collision on a section of rocks in the Northeast section.
- Fixed an issue where a small section of brick wall would appear transparent in one of the Pods.
- Scaffolding on the East Pod tower now has proper collision.
- Ceiling in the Northeastern tower now appears correctly when viewed.
- Construction barriers now have proper collision throughout the map.
- Fixed unintended collision on a section of fence, which was being used to exploit.

- Fixed a rare issue which was causing the Player’s arms to be invisible during the countdown timer.
- Players are no longer able to stand on an exterior ledge alongside the Launch Center building.
- Sentry Gun no longer targets enemies through Lift 4C’s doors.
- Added collision to the boxes near the Control Room and the Visitor Center.


- Improved stability during Local play when attempting to sign-in using a Guest profile.
- Addressed an issue which caused the background music to stop while in the menus.
- Map icon for Die Rise no longer moves around the globe rapidly when Origins is selected.

- Fixed multiple issues where the Player could see outside the map using Free Cam mode in Theater.
- Players who join a session already in progress after Round 1 are no longer able to ride on the Tank without its cooldown.
- Fixed an issue where Zombies couldn’t get to the Player if they were hanging off an edge near the Ruins.
- Addressed the issue with unlimited ammo when swapping out the Staff in the Elemental Charging Chamber.
- Players can no longer obtain the “Master Wizard” achievement through spectating.
- Fixed multiple issues where the Tank was unintentionally pushing the Player through the map.
- Lobby Preview Icon now appears correctly under the Stat Summary screen.
- Players can no longer get to unintended areas of the map using Panzer Soldat’s claw attack.
- Semtex grenades can now be properly acquired in the Church.
- Panzer Soldat no longer gets stuck in front of the Tank if Players are standing on top of it.
- Upgraded Staves can no longer be duplicated in the Ruins.
- Addressed an issue where PHD Flopper was doing unintended amounts of damage if the Player was holding an upgraded Staff.
- Panzer Soldat no longer becomes stuck in the air when spawning in front of a robot.
- Players are no longer free from zombie attack when standing on the Tank’s control panel.
- Fixed an issue where the Player could get pushed into an unintended area by the Robot’s foot and be free from zombie attack.
- Players are no longer able to exploit by focus firing at a spawn point at the bottom of the Fire Tunnel.
- Fixed an issue where Panzer Soldat and zombies were moving in slow motion after spawning in.
- Players are no longer able to see the collected Staff pieces on the HUD after upgrading the Ice Staff.
- Panzer Soldat now behaves correctly when it’s kited into a group of zombies.
- Staff parts now update properly on the Scoreboard during a 4-Player Local Splitscreen game.
- Players can properly use the Upgraded Staff melee after obtaining and losing the One Inch Punch Perk.
- Addressed an issue with zombies walking into sandbags, ignoring nearby Players.
- Panzer Soldat now functions properly when grabbing a zombie twice in a row with its claw attack.
- Fixed an issue where Players could get out of the playable area in a Co-op game using the Robot’s foot.
- Maxis Drone should now find its way to the Player correctly in the Workshop Bunker.
- FX for upgrading a Staff are now oriented correctly.
- Panzer Soldat no longer gets stuck behind the Jugger-Nog Perk, when entering the Robot footprint.
- Players no longer get downed by the Robot’s foot when standing on the scaffolding next to the Pack-A-Punch machine.
- Maxis Drone no longer gets stuck near the Church Tank exit.
- Panzer Soldat no longer gets stuck on a Player’s head in the Church, during a Co-op game.
- Players can no longer Dive-to-Prone out of the playable area in the Church.
- Zombies now properly get to Players if they are crouched on a parked Tank.
- Improved stability in a Local 4-Player game when a Player pauses the game and then presses the Back button.
- Players now properly spawn in around Pump Station 4.
- Panzer Soldat no longer gets stuck inside the trench in-between the Starting Area and Generator 3.
- Players who go prone on the back edge of the Tank are no longer free from zombie attack.
- Improved stability in a 4-Player Local game when upgrading Staves during Rounds 11 – 13.
- Players no longer fall out of the map when Panzer Soldat does his claw attack.
- Zombies now properly get to Players at the bottom of the Church when the Tank is parked.
- Fixed an issue where Panzer Soldat was getting stuck if the Player jumped on and off the Tank repeatedly.
- Players are no longer free from zombie attack when crouching on top of certain Trench walls.
- Zombies now properly get to Players in the Robot footprint on top of the Tank Station.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 boasts a 4-player Zombies co-op mode and is available on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. The “Apocalypse” DLC is totally free with a Season Pass, or $15.00 separately.