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Aliens: Colonial Marines

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Coming Soon to a XBLA Sale Near You
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Coming Soon to a XBLA Sale Near You

XBLA goes to the movies

As a rule, movie tie-in games are pretty awful; Aliens: Colonial Marines, R.I.P.D., Star Trek - all are co-op, all based on movies and all pretty poor.  They also happen to be coming on sale between 8-14th October over on XBLA.  If you need proof that some movie games can be good Guardians of Middle Earth is also on offer.

News of the upcoming XBLA offers come courtesy of Major Nelson's Blog, which has news of all the bargains for the next two weeks:  

Deal of the Week    

Movie Theme    8-Oct to 14-Oct     

 Star Trek                                                               50% off 
 Aliens: Colonial Marines                          50% off 
 Guardians of the Middle Earth           50% off 
 Pacific Rim                                                               50% off 
 Aliens v Predator                                            50% off 
 Transformers                                                     50% off 
 RIPD                                                                          50% off 
 Real Steel                                                                 50% off 
 X-Men                                                                      50% off 

 Storm     15-Oct to 21-Oct    

 Capsized                                                                50% off
 Tekken Tag Tournament 2                              50% off
 Ben 10 Omniverse™                                   50% off
 Ben 10™ Galactic Racing                               50% off
 BEN 10 ULTIMATE ALIEN™                       50% off
 Tomb Raider Underworld                             50% off
 Battlestations Midway                                   75% off
 Battlestations Pacific                                      80% off

There is no news yet which Transformers and X-Men game/games will be on offer, but hopefully they will be the coop inclined incarnations.