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Ryse: Son of Rome

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
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Watch Two of the Latest Ryse: Son of Rome Trailers Now
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Watch Two of the Latest Ryse: Son of Rome Trailers Now

Are you not entertained?

The first official Ryse: Son of Rome TV trailer hit the air yesterday, revealing portions of storyline, along with another complimentary video showcasing the armor and weapons designs found in the game. Needless to say: Ryse is looking to be an artistically detailed game.

We had our chance to play the game ourselves a few weeks back, but soon it will be your turn! However, gameplayer is one thing, story is another. This cinematic TV trailer is the first instance where we are given any sort of backstory to Ryse. Marius Titus, a young soldier of Rome, means to avenge his murdered family by a group of barbarian bandits. To do this, however, he must bring down an enemy closer to the heart of the Empire, appearing on the Britannia battlefields. Take a look for yourself:

The next video shows the level of detail going into the creation of different armors and weapons found both in the TV trailer and in the game. According to master bladesmith, Tony Swatton, many of these items were inspired from an assortment of ancient eras, not just of the Roman Empire. We do know that players will be able to make their own armors and weapons in-game to use on the battlefield, but to what extent is still a mystery:

Ryse: Son of Rome has decent co-op gameplay from what we witnessed, and these trailers help get us pumped for release on November 22nd with the Xbox One.