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Evolve's Official Trailer Rocks Pretty Hard
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Evolve's Official Trailer Rocks Pretty Hard

Nothing says "gigantic alien menace" like a Danzig cover.

Evolve is the product of our race's greatest desires. For millennia, humanity has gazed up into the vast ocean of stars above us and wondered, "I'll bet there's some real nasty monsters up there, and boy howdy would I like to shoot 'em dead!" This is not because of any xenophobic tendencies our ancestors may have harbored, but because it sounded like a lot of fun to join some friends with a bunch of big ol' guns to tackle something that could swallow a schoolbus. 

Despite not being out until the third quarter of 2014, the crews down at TurtleRock want you to get pumped for their upcoming four player co-op shooter with this hot new trailer. Granted, it's CGI, so who knows if any of this stuff is represented in the final product in any way, shape, or form. But, it does feature a pretty ballin' cover of the Danzig classic, "Mother."

Alrighty then! We've got "Handlebar Mustache Hunter," who has a harpoon thing that didn't seem to do anything to the big bad guy except make him mad. Next up is "Beret Sniper Girl," who wore her best skin-tight suit for the job, and can also fly. She didn't seem too keen on actually shooting the hideous monstrosity, though.

That brings us to "Guy from Duck Dynasty," who has eschewed his duck call and hunting rifle for a gargantuan laser cannon, and what I can only call a force field. Then, there is "Cyborg from the Justice League." He's got a shield going on every time he pops his gun up. Dibs on standing behind him when things get too real.

If this is any indication on what the different class abilities and powers are, I'm all in to shoot some alien scum. I'm super curious to see what actual gameplay looks like to get my hopes up too far, though.