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Evolve & Dying Light Steam Keys Drop 25% This Weekend
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Evolve & Dying Light Steam Keys Drop 25% This Weekend

From the pricey Monster Race to regular o' peon edition

Now that we're only days away from the release of Turtle Rock Studio's Evolve, GMG has relaunched its "VIP" gaming sale in hopes of catching a few late pre-order bargain hunters with a last minute 25% discount.

In the case of Evolve, it's perfect timing with the game now available for pre-load. GMG is also giving you the Steam key instantly after purchase, so you'll have a few days to finish the download and be prepared to play on Tuesday's release. You also get the fourth Monster "Behemoth" as a pre-order bonus, which will cost $14.99 after release.

There's even a PC-exclusive "Monster Race Edition" which gets you all 5 monsters, along with basically all of Evolve's DLC content for $75 in the GMG sale promotion. While the discount reduces the pricey $100 Edition to a more reasonable $75, there's no doubt that Evolve's "Monster Race Edition" costs more than the average title.

Co-Op Games at GMG's VIP Sale:

Note: Login is required to see these deals at GMG.

The exact expiration date for the VIP sale is unknown, but after contacting GMG, they say it'll run for about a week.

Also available in the sale this weekend is Techland's recently released Dying Light. For those on the fence about the game, here's the "Let's Play" from Co-Optimus, giving you a better glimpse of the game so you can decide if 25% off is a worthy incentive.