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Awesomenauts Assemble Gets a Release Date, PC Patch 2.2 Goes Live
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Awesomenauts Assemble Gets a Release Date, PC Patch 2.2 Goes Live

"Charge your weapons, hold on tight.."

The Awesomenauts community can now relax a bit in knowing that Awesomenauts Assemble has officially received its release date on PS4, and it's much sooner than we previously thought!

Releasing next week on March 4th, Awesomenauts Assemble will finally be available for purchase on the PlayStation Network Store. Again, this game will include all the up to date features and patches the PC version has, which is substantially more than what the Xbox 360 version ever received. This includes a roster of 16 characters to choose from, 4 stages to do battle on, and a plethora of fixes and improvements to make the experience that much more enjoyable. The game will only cost $10, which is a steal if you ask us. Even better, the latest patch on PC, Patch 2.2, just went live today too! It would more than likely be included on the PS4 version as well.

Some annoying glitches like the "droid sliding" and other features, like being able to join a custom game lobby without an invite, have been added to polish Awesomenauts even further. However, the more intriguing information lies on the new character buffs and nerfs that have been issued. Here is the full list of notes, so make sure to read up and plan ahead for your future matchmaking/co-op play sessions:

Patch 2.2

-The game now collects balancing metrics to help us do better balancing patches in the future. We only store aggregated anonymous data, so no private data or data-per-player is stored
-Improved anti-cheat
-Option for ”Allow join without invite” in Custom Games is now visible for clients (but not editable)
-In the character select non-Starstorm owners can now properly see if Ted is selected by another player
-Added botnames for Kickstarter backers (Thorium Tier and up)
-Added Special Thanks to credits for Kickstarter backers (Gold Tier and up)
-Added Very Awesome Thanks to credits for Kickstarter backers (Awesomantium Tier and up)
-Added the instrumental version of the Awesomenauts theme song to the soundtrack DLC (karaoke GOGOGO!)
-Fixed a couple of text errors in the menus

Various gameplay
-Fixed that the joystick crosshair for player 2 was also visible on the screen for player 1
-The infamous “sliding bug” is fixed (This is the bug that in some cases nauts could drag other nauts, creeps and droids along with them.)
-Fixed that for some characters (probably Voltar, Genji and Swiggins) downjump and jump would sometimes not work when standing on a platform that moves down.
-Bots now take 20% less damage on every difficulty instead of an increasing percentage per difficulty.
-Fixed an issue where Vinnie could tank the top turrets in Aiguillon without taking damage.
-Killing a Solar boss now gives 500 hp instead of 2000 hp

Froggy G
-Fixed that dash would end instantly when standing on the floor dashing forward or slightly down on Linux
-Whirlwind description now states movement instead of speed
-Turbo Tape description now states movement instead of speed
-Right Back At Ya! description now states “most projectiles” instead of “fire”
-Thornfish now works with Viridian Eel Cartridges
-Thornfish now works with Swirling Octopus Cartridges
-Swirling Octopus Cartridges now increases the range of shots by 75%

-Fixed a health regeneration bug
-It’s now possible to activate skills at any time while auto attacking melee
-Tongue damage description now states correctly “x2”
-Hungry sword lifesteal increased from 20% to 25%
-Pinot noir now shows the correct amount of regen 100 instead of 300

-Rubberband Ball description now states duration and life time
-Jail food damage over time duration increased from 3s to 4s
-Jail food first tick of damage over time is not applied on impact anymore
-Explosive neckband price reduced from 260 to 220 Solar
-Blowtorch price reduced from 190 to 175 Solar

-Main attack now automatically recharges
-Psychokinetic Repulsion and Twisted Nightmares now work better together
-Psychokinetic Repulsion now only works on max charge
-Healing Wave description now states the charging of the heal
-Healing Wave description now states 3 healing to allied Awesomenauts on min heal
-Healing Wave description now states the base solar/heal percentage
-Suicide Drones now show the correct cooldown (4s)
-Dreams of greed solar/heal reduced on heals from 10% to 5%
-Base heal reduced to 1 min and 7 max with 2 to friendly ‘nauts
-Twisted nightmares droid damage increased by 2
-Twisted nightmares min damage reduced by 1
-Twisted nightmares max damage reduced by 7
-Weapon clip-on removed one stage (2 stages now)
-Drones are smarter now and won't shoot, when they couldn’t hit anyways.
-Drones now also explode when they reach their maximum range (previous animation was too big and not working at all)

-Amplify Damage now shows the correct damage to everyone
-Weedlings now show their starting health and health regen
-Rabbit teeth description now states movement instead of speed

-Stormdrum glitch where two clouds would spawn is now fixed
-Main attack glitch where you would be able to hit 3 times is now also fixed
-His character select description now states that he can hover after jumping
-Jagra eggs, Heal effect when cocooning an enemy now only triggers after purchasing jagra eggs
-Cocoon, Increased projectile speed and range
-The last pieridae transformae description now states information on the hummingbird droid

-Reloadtime of shotgun increased from 1.7s to 2s
-Shotgun shells cap reduced from 5 to 4
-Shotgun shells now also reload during machine gun mode stance
-Many bugs related to switching between weapons and using Stimpack in combination with Shotgun have been fixed
-Airstrike and Stimpack descriptions now state when they are available
-Shotgun description now states the base knockback
-Machinegun base damage increased from 3 to 4
-Stimpack's animation lenght reduced by 0.2 sec

-Collision size of Ink Shot bullets slightly increased
-Magnetic Anchor description now shows the dps instead of the total damage
-Ancient Octant price reduced from 240 to 160 Solar

-Denny’s Boots description now show the correct speed increase value and the out of combat value
-Time Rift description now shows the attackspeed
-Retro Spaceship description now states “slowing power ” instead of “slowing power”
-Snipe description now states the arming time and knockback
-Power pills turbo replaced by power pills light

-CC immunity now activates directly when switching to siegemode and ends after having fully unsieged
-Siegemode description now state the denonate on nuke and debuff immunity
-Solid Fist Bullets description now state their homing value

-Power Gloves description now states ‘structure’ instead of ‘turret’ damage
-Thunder Striker description now states the stun duration it provides
-Wave Raiser description now states the cooldown increase
-Power pills turbo replaced by power pills light

-Fixed that on Linux, Mines would sometimes end up in a different position than on other platforms (this only happened very rarely)
-Laser description now states the pulling effect on pickups
-Laser description now states the charging time to next damage value
-Space time continuity device cc immunity now only works for Yuri
-Toaster timer time reduced from 4s to 3s
-Flash forward price increased from 180 to 220 Solar

Vinnie & Spike
-Antique Machine Gun description now states radius instead of range
-Godfish description now states the range in which it looks for wealthy enemies

-Iridium Blocks description now state damage over time instead of just damage
-Flaming fist range reduced from 3 to 2
-Homeless gnome damage reduced from 25 to 20
-Electric hammer price increased from 180 to 220 Solar

-Missiles now deal damage in the same range as bullets with Booming Bullets upgrade
-Booming Bullets description now state bullets as well as missiles in the description
-Missiles description now state their homing value

-Vacuum Bite description now states the range

Awesomenauts Assemble is a 3-player online/local co-op game with fantastic multiplayer options and split-screen modes; available only on PS4. The original Awesomenauts can be found on PC and Xbox 360.