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Child of Light

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See how Child of Light was Made
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See how Child of Light was Made

Concept art goes in, levels come out.

If you are at all interested in how Child of Light came together, you're in luck. The passionate team at Ubisoft has put together a web series with the designers, artists, and programmers all talking about the story, design elements, and style of their much-loved project. They even throw in a little about the co-op play! If you have functioning eyes, you need to check this thing out.

This is just part one, and no word on the date for new installments or how many episodes there may be. The game releases April 30th, and I'd have to put my money on this little web series getting wrapped up before it ships. As a tool to get people excited for your game, you could do a lot worse than showing the creative and technical minds behind the process spilling their guts. And dang it if it still doesn't look absolutely stunning.

UbiArt looks like an amazing set of tools for developers when strictly speaking about 2d games.  Rayman Legends as the first project developed with this system makes a pretty compelling argument in its favor, and everything from Child of Light is jaw-dropping. It is interesting to hear the comments of the people working with it, and makes me genuinely curious as to what they might produce given a little more practice.