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Diablo 3 Offers 100% XP Boost this Weekend Only
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Diablo 3 Offers 100% XP Boost this Weekend Only

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With Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls fast approaching next week, Blizzard is giving its fans one last ditch effort to power level their characters up as high as you can on the PC. For this weekend only you can get double the experience you would normally get in game.

Combine that with a higher difficulty level (Expert: 100%) and Co-Op Play (30% with Full Party) and you could be earning an insane amount of experience in no time flat. Of course if you're truly a master just hit up Torment Level 4 for 1600% bonus XP with a full party and the extra 100% bonus XP and you can level up a single character in no time flat with a little help. 

The bonus XP ends on Monday just in time for the expansion pack to launch on Tuesday, March 25th.

Source: Us.battle.net