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Diablo 3 Confirmed on Consoles, Blizzard Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary of Diablo
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Diablo 3 Confirmed on Consoles, Blizzard Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary of Diablo

Diablo has paved the way for the Action RPG genre and Blizzard is recognizing this legacy this week with the Diablo 15 year anniversary celebration. Make sure to check out the extended retrospective video that is an extensive video covering the whole story of Diablo, the evolution of the series, and the timeline up until now. The video will have fans of the series bleeding with nostalgia and if you have yet to play a Diablo game, it is a great way to catch up on the 15 years of lore that you missed.

Also included in the anniversary content are two interviews featuring Blizzard staff.  The first features Jay Wilson, a game directior that has been working on Diablo since the beginning. He covers his journey with the series and how it has grown during his time there. The second interview features the charismatic Chris Metzen, senior vice-president who is really excited for Diablo 3 and what this implementation will bring to the table.

Another interesting announcement came today, and quite possibly the biggest news yet since the announcement of Diablo 3. Through the beauty of social media and a sincere community manager, Micah Whiple confirmed that Diablo 3 will be coming to consoles. No platforms or release date(s) were mentioned but it has been confirmed that you can conquer the depths of hell with a controller. Full article from Eurogamer here

Diablo 3 is coming out in early 2012 for the PC, and features 4 player online co-op.


Source: Us.battle.net

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