Stronghold Crusader 2

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 2 Players
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Stronghold Crusader 2 Skirmish Co-Op Mode Revealed with a Trailer
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Stronghold Crusader 2 Skirmish Co-Op Mode Revealed with a Trailer

Crusaders: Destabilizing volatile regions since 1096.

If the brutality of medieval warfare is one of those odd things that tickles your fancy, Stronghold Crusader 2 might be just the outlet you've been looking for. Sometimes you just gotta put an entire enemy fortress to the torch and desecrate the very earth where it once stood. Luckily for you and your potentially murderous warlord friends, Stronghold Crusader 2 has a fancy new trailer detailing the Skirmish mode, and how one goes about setting fire to a building made out of stone.

Check it out.

By the looks of it, being a peasant in the middle ages is pretty hard. All you wanna do is build granaries and not get set on fire, but what do the bad guys do? They set both you and your granaries on fire. Tough break, buddy. 

Skirmish mode lets you take your castle pillaging online, teaming up with friends to put anybody who disagrees with you to the sword. Of course it's not all Crusades and blood over here; you and your friends can manage your respective castles before banding together to assault a superior opponent.

Your AI opponents will come in eight flavors based on real-life characters from the medieval era. These characters possess unique castles, preferences towards various troops, and tactics. The famous Sultan Saladin attacks early, utilizing Horse Archers to harass your troops, while blazing through structures with flame-wielding Slaves.

You can check out FireFly's official write-up for the Skirmish mode on their website.