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Insurgency Gets Updated Co-Op Mode in "Molotov Spring" Update
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Insurgency Gets Updated Co-Op Mode in "Molotov Spring" Update

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When we last looked at Insurgency, an 8 player co-op tactical shooter available on PC, we thought it showed a lot of promise, but felt the AI in the co-op mode wasn't up to snuff. The developers told us they were working on improvements and enhancements for it though, so we waited patiently. Now the update is out and there are improvements all around.

The update includes new weapons, many AI improvements, revisited map scripts and pathways that contain lengthy and challenging levels. We checked out the update briefly and the AI does appear to have improved a bit, but we'll need to dig deeper to see just how much fuel is behind the improvements.

We've got two videos showing off the update.


Here are some changes added in the most recent patch.

  • Tweaked Coop maps: Market, Peak, Heights, Contact 
  • Added Elcan attachment for SAW. 
  • Increased recoil of FN FAL and updated firing sound. 
  • FN FAL tracers changed to red, since it uses NATO ammunition. 
  • More visual damage indicator if you've been hit. 
  • Removed old unused bot difficulty cvars from checkpoint playlist. 
  • Increased Coop max roundtime and added extra round time on objective capture. 
  • Fixed RPG hits not destroying caches. 
  • Moltov model changes. 
  • Molotov slowed down damage frequency, increased damage a bit to compensate. You can still run through molotov fire but not hover within it for a while and not die. 
  • You can throw Molotovs directly at your feet and it will explode, most likely burning you to death. 
  • Added support for playlists to define required minimum and maximum values for maxplayers. 
  • Added 24 maxplayers minimum requirement for coop matchmaking. 
  • Set sniper rifle cost to 1 in coop to match PVP 
  • Disabled AoE nade screams for friendly grenades which didn't explode directly on top of us.
  • Added responses for AoE grenades detonating on or near players. 
  • Fixed a server issue with Sourcemod plugin.