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Sniper Elite 3

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Sniper Elite III Dev Diary Details Co-Op
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Sniper Elite III Dev Diary Details Co-Op

When it comes to taking on tanks, two guns are better than one

The newest developer diary from Rebellion, the studio behind Sniper Elite III, provides some much welcome details into the co-op specifics of this upcoming title. Michael How, Lead Designer at Rebellion, states that co-op is a major part of the game, allowing every single player mission to be played with a partner online. In fact, going at it with a team of two may make things a little easier, as most tanks have vulnerable targets in their rear. While one player essentially acts as bait, the other can flank the tank's position to take it out.

In Overwatch mode, the two players can rendezvous at certain points to better asses the area and plan out a course of action. It's a welcome addition, perhaps making these missions feel a bit more grounded in reality. It also can make organizing your plan of attack a bit easier to communicate. 

The diary details the multiplayer mode and customization options as well. One real stand out is how weapon customization can be shared in both single player and multiplayer modes. So if you've unlocked the perfect gun for your solo style, you can bring that online. 

Sniper Elite III launches June 27th for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360 and is currently available for pre order.