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Destiny Website Revamped, New Info on Story, Classes
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Destiny Website Revamped, New Info on Story, Classes

Space wizards and cyber ninjas unite!

No doubt in preparation for the upcoming beta this summer, Bungie has revamped the website for Destiny. In addition to making everything move, the spruced up site now offers up some info regarding the story, enemies, and classes populating this bleak universe. 

Here's the skinny on Destiny's story: 

A long time ago, a huge white sphere called the Traveler appeared. It improved the solar system by bringing rain to Mars, air to Venus, and pretty much just making everything dandy. However, the Traveler was followed by some sort of mysterious evil that wrecked everything. Now the Traveler hovers above the last Earth city and the system is teaming with bad dudes who want to put bullets in all the earthies.

But who cares about all that story stuff if you just wanna shoot rockets at tanks and knife aliens in the throat?

Check out the class gameplay trailer.

You've got your super soldier with the Titan. You know the type: loves motorcycles, big guns, electro-shields, and slugging bad guys in the face. The Hunter's got kind of a whole "knife thing" going on, and she's also super into being invisible. The Warlock is part gunman, part wizard, who can turn purple and shoot bolts of solid mind power straight at whatever insectoid critter happens to be in the way.

Take a gander of their redone website if you're interested in learning more about the game. With the beta so close, an info dump is bound to be headed our way.