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Snipe Hitler, Or "Hitler," In Sniper Elite 3 DLC "Hunt the Grey Wolf"
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Snipe Hitler, Or "Hitler," In Sniper Elite 3 DLC "Hunt the Grey Wolf"

Sometimes, dressing up like Hitler gets you shot in the head.

Hitler is no stranger to being a video game bad guy. There's really no more renowned villain for the 20th century, so he'll pop up from time to time for the good guys to blow away. Of course, most games feature him decked out in a rocket-powered robot suit, or a cybernetic brain jar that shoots lasers, or riding a giant hell scorpion atop a burning airplane. Very rarely do we see him as a man, with a squishy pink brain that a single bullet could turn into goulash.

That's where Sniper Elite 3's "Hunt the Grey Wolf" DLC comes in. Available as a pre-order bonus, "Wolf" takes a historical liberty to suggest Hitler may have been gunned down in Libya, two years before his supposed death in 1945. Or, his body double may have taken a slug to the brainpan for the Führer. Or something.

Take a look at the teaser.

The mission is simple: infiltrate the town, gather enough intel to discern the "Grey Wolf"'s location, and end the 3rd Reich with a single shot. Get your intel wrong, and you'll end up putting a bullet in his body double. "Wolf" promises an "expansive open environment," where collecting clues is key. With randomized intel and NPCs, Rebellion Studios claim "no two playthroughs will be the same."

This ain't the first time the series has used a chance to blow away the H-man as pre-order incentive. Sniper Elite 2's preorder bonus was simply a mission called "Kill the Führer." Doesn't get much more direct than that.