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Rebellion Releases 'Save Churchill Part 2' DLC for Sniper Elite 3
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Rebellion Releases 'Save Churchill Part 2' DLC for Sniper Elite 3

Consoles must wait a few weeks to receive their versions.

Rebellion recently released Sniper Elite 3's second installment in its "Save Churchill" DLC campaign, "Belly of the Beast". Players will currently find it available on Steam, but will soon be arriving on consoles as well.

Continuing the story from the first portion of the DLC, "Belly of the Beast" contains a brand new single-player and co-op mission for Sniper Elite 3. One thing is for sure: it's as explosive and epic as ever.

Within the mountains of North Morocco, a secret Nazi facility is producing new experimental weapons to combat the Allied forces. Beyond the manufacturing of these weapons, however, lies a hidden plot to assassinate the inspirational wartime leader, Winston Churchill. As OSS agent Karl Fairburn, players must infiltrate the facility, destroy the experimental weapons, and foil the assassination attempt before it's carried out. How you decide to fling yourselves into the heart of Nazi military strength and survive is all up to you. Will you be able to escape the belly of the beast for the finale?

The "Save Churchill Part 2" DLC for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, alongside "Part 1", will all be arriving early on this September (no official date announced). We'll keep an eye out for it, though.