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Diablo 3 Birthday Buff Goes Permanent
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Diablo 3 Birthday Buff Goes Permanent

Looking good all year round

Diablo 3 recently had its second birthday and to celebrate Blizzard increased the chances of finding a Legendary item by 100%.  Co-Optimus decided to dedicate our weekend to looting and we were not the only ones as the Buff has been so popular it is going to become a permanent increase.

Seeing as the change is a permanent one it is no longer a Buff, but a 100% increase in the base rate chance of finding a Legendary item in the game.  The original increase was linked to the PC and Mac versions of the game so expect the same of the permanent change.

Travis Day from Blizzard broke the good news on the Blizzard forums:

Hello folks, 

I come bearing exciting news. Due to the overwhelming popularity of our Anniversary buff we have decided to keep the increased Legendary drop rate once the Anniversary celebration ends. Once the buff is disabled tomorrow morning, you will find that the new base line drop rates for Legendary items will be the same as those you have all enjoyed for the last week. 

Happy hunting and link the loot!

Now if we can only get our weekend back ... 


Source: Us.battle.net