Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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Garden Warfare's 'Tactical Taco Party Pack' DLC Hits Xbox Live Tomorrow
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Garden Warfare's 'Tactical Taco Party Pack' DLC Hits Xbox Live Tomorrow

New character variants brought to you by Aquafina Flavorsplash!

A brand new DLC is hitting Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare tomorrow, known as the "Tactical Taco Party Pack"! Co-op players will be glad to hear that Garden Ops will also be getting some new content to keep the zombie waves at bay.

Going live tomorrow, July 1st, on Xbox One and Xbox 360, the "Tactical Taco Party Pack" will be bringing a bunch of new features that players will certainly dig, and it's totally free! The first new piece of content is an Old Western-themed map, called Jewel Junction, to do battle in. One of the main features of this map is a large train that barrels down the middle of the map (similar to the TF2 map, Well). Also, be sure to keep an eye out for a handful of Easter eggs.

Secondly, an all new game mode called "Vanquish Confirmed" takes a page out of Call of Duty's book. Killing an opposing player will make them drop a "crazy orb" (exactly like CoD dog tags) which grants points for the team, but only when the crazy orb is collected. The concept of risk vs reward is much more in your face in this mode, but will make things even crazier as players swarm for these orbs. Do you run into enemy fire to claim the points or play it safe? To compliment this new gametype, an 8v8 mixed mode playlist that encompasses all the current competitive game modes, including the co-op mode Gardens & Graveyards, will also be available.

Lastly, all new character variants with new appearances and powers) and Garden Ops stages will be available as well; 8 new waves and 1 special challenge. The new character variants involve the Catcus and Peashooter:

Berry Shooter: This blue, berry-boosted beauty, deals extra splash damage with a slower rate of fire – perfect for vanquishing that elusive, overly ambitious opponent.

Citrus Cactus:  Slinging orange wedges with a 3-round burst, this prickly fellow vanquishes his foes with precision shooting and perfectly timed one-liners.